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Your product landing page is like a late-night TV infomercial. It features all the selling points of your product or service, but without all the over-the-top - sometimes bullshit - sales tactics. It's literally all in the name: website visitors land on a page to consider buying your product.

So what makes a good landing page in 2019? Is it strong CTAs? Enticing copy? Mobile optimization? What about engaging graphics? Or is it the design and structure of the page? It's all of these, But that's not all. There is so much more that goes into a kickass landing page that converts. Read on to find out.


An effective landing page does a great job of setting your business apart from the competition. But how? By comparing the prices of your product or service to that of your competitor(s). That's what Paperstone did. Paperstone, based in the UK, sells office supplies. To increase conversions, they revamped their landing page. The new page compares the prices of competitors like Staples and Viking, which proved that Paperstone's prices for ink cartridges are significantly cheaper. The new landing page generated a 10.7% increase in conversions


Everyone knows that video is a great addition to any good landing page. In fact, just including the word "video" in an email subject line can boost open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65%, and reduce unsubscribes by 26%.

Here's more proof: Carl Juneau, the personal trainer behind the Dr. Muscle app, wanted to increase conversions on his website. He ran A/B tests on two different versions. The first version included a video of Carl showing viewers how to perform exercises to achieve a six-pack. The second variation didn't have video. The results? Carl saw a 46% increase in conversions from the landing page with video.

Hint: You can summarize blog posts into easy-to-digest videos on your landing page:



Have you ever passed by a restaurant and the line was so long that it stretched outside of the establishment? It probably made you want to try their food, didn't it? But why? Because the long line shows that the food is so good that it's worth waiting in line for, even on a cold day. Those people must be waiting for a reason, right? That's social proof. Include it on your landing page and conversions will start pouring in.

As a matter of fact, Nielsen studies show that two-thirds of people trust the opinions they read online. LawnStarter, a company that provides lawn maintenance services, does a great job of creating social proof by including a Recent Activity notification on their landing page. For example, one notification might say that "Joe from El Paso, TX" just booked convenient lawn service. These constant notifications show potential customers that LawnStarter must be a great, reliable service because other people are booking appointments for a well-maintained lawn.

White Cards Courses, a company that teaches construction workers how to operate machinery and other elements of the job, including safety, is another great example of a business using social proof for a good landing page. They wanted to build customer trust by including guarantee badges with the hero image. This led to 20.9% clicks to the payment page and 32% more visits on that page.


The goal is to get more people to convert, right? But they can't understand the true value of your offering if there's so much going on with the landing page. A simple landing page design is important in keeping visitors focused on the important elements of the page.

Chupa Mobile, a company that buys and sells source code for apps, did this well with their new landing page. The company wanted to generate more leads by increasing the number of subscribers to their email newsletter. They used an ebook to attract these new subscribers. The landing page is free of distracting content like a navigation menu, sidebars, and pop-up forms. The page only included copy that explains why visitors should download the ebook, a picture of the ebook itself, and a CTA. Chupa Mobile saw a 44% conversion rate as a result.


With more and more people using social media by the day, social logins are a viable option for successful landing pages. This saves time for visitors who may not want to manually type in their information when filling out a form. With a social login option, all they have to do is click and they're all signed up. LoginRadius, a customer identification management platform, wanted to increase conversions for their ebook landing pages. They added a social login to three of their ebook landing pages, which led to a 52% jump in conversions.


Remember, it's 2019. You can do things with technology you couldn't do in years' past. Thanks to AI and machine learning, chatbots can hold a conversation with your visitors or at least answer their most common questions. Your landing page probably doesn't tell visitors everything they want to know. You can use chatbots to fill in the blanks by creating personalized greetings and answering frequently asked questions.

Automotive Dynamics is an Arizona-based business that offers a variety of car-related services from collision repair to second-hand car reselling. The company wanted to run a paid ad campaign that increased conversions on their website. How did they do this? They used a PPC chatbot. Their old landing page that helped visitors book an oil change, had a poor conversion rate (less than 5%). The new landing page included a chatbot that allowed prospects to not only schedule an oil change, but also connect with a human agent by phone and get answers to their most pressing questions. The new landing page generated a 50% increase in conversion rate and a corresponding drop in cost per lead.

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